The Day The Electrician Saved My Business

The Day Electrician Saved My Business
It has been years since that incident happened and its memory is still fresh in my minds.The hero in this case is not a movie star but a person from real life, an electrician who saved my business from an impending disaster. The moment I remember this incident it both pleases me and instills fear in me at the same time. What if I could not get that electrician at the right time and I get filled with awe, admiration and appreciation for the professional and business saving help he rendered to me.
As you would be curious to know more details about this particular incident, let me tell you who I am and my area of business. I am the owner of All Vending Plus and we supply vending machines to the interested buyers and for that we stock our products at our company’s warehouse at Sacramento. 
On that particular day, I got a call from one of the attendants employed at our warehouse in Sacramento and I enquired from him what was the matter and the reply he gave me made me anxious and fearful. The guy told me that sparking has been reported at the warehouse and that set alarm bells ringing in my head. He told me that though things are under control but nothing can be said about how things are going to shape up in the times to come. Though I was gripped with fear I still mustered courage to deal with the scenario. We business owners cannot allow the concerns to get better of us as we are responsible for our business and have to react firmly when the situation demands. So I told the attendant to take some precautionary measures like shifting of the vending machines besides others and wait for my further instructions. Though I was overwhelmed with fear and thoughts were flashing quickly in my mind, I had to do something urgent to save my business from the danger which could spell doom for it. I desperately needed an electrician who was well versed with the functioning of electricity system at my warehouse and that could save me from a progressing nightmare. I simply called up a friend of mine who is also a business owner but his line of business is a bit different from mine and asked for an experienced, licensed electrician who has a good knowledge of the circuitry installed at my warehouse. He told me about a specific electrician whom he had hired for a similar situation in the past and who rendered great help in his time of crisis. He messaged me the electrician’s phone number whom I called up immediately. Fortunately I could connect with him and I explained to him my dilemma and the deep problem I was in. I told him to reach the warehouse location as fast as possible to whom he agreed to. Then I picked up my car and drove to the affected site. I had never drove my car at such a fast pace and I feared if I would bump my car into some other vehicle. Fortunately those anxious moments did not last long and I somehow reached the warehouse. The presence of the electrician already there delighted me a lot. He just checked with the premises looking out for the snag in the circuity installed at the warehouse and soon he detected the snag which was in the circuit breaker. As the circuit breakers here were installed 25 years back and had not been replaced since then, it had just started to begin to trip frequently whereas a newly installed circuit breaker trips only on a circuit’s overloading. He advised me to go for a new circuit breaker for which I sent an employee of mine who came back with a new one after some time. The electrician replaced it quickly and we all sighed relief. A major disaster was averted with the help of this man who has been a hero for me for all these years. I am so thankful for him and remain indebted for his professional and smooth handling of the situation and for making things all right for me and my business. Below checkout a standard circuit breaker diagnosis and repair situation.