Home Inspector by Day, Vendor by Night

A picture of a home inspector and machine vendor

It has been my passion to run businesses from a tender age. I own Vending Plus and I have run it successfully for 3 years. This business was not something that came out of the blues; I wanted to do more. I realized that after my work as a Home Inspector in the day; I had so much time at night which I wanted to capitalize on. This led me to begin the Vending Machine Company. I took care of business at night while I worked in the Home inspection business during the day. Most of the people who know the various ventures I am involved with wonder how I balance my interests.

I have told everyone who wants to know what makes me tick that I simply live for the moment. When I am at work, I pour my life to Waltech Home Inspections. This has helped me because some of the greatest lessons I have learnt was on the field. The Home Inspection market opens me to many experiences that I could not have gotten anywhere. On the other hand, when I run my business at night; I give it all it takes to ensure that my clients have a good time. This focus per time on each initiative has been the secret of my success.

When the time to do my reviews for my various projects in Home Inspection comes; I simply log in to waltechhomeinspections.com¬†Long Island home inspection company’s offical website¬†to send my report. In my years as a Home inspector, I have never failed to deliver a timely rendition of my activities to the Management. I believe that my job in Home Inspection can affect the decision of many individuals on whether to buy or sell a property. This single belief makes me give it my best shot so that I become part of creating an extensive chain of success.

I remember the day I took my son to the office. He saw a new brand of his Dad at work for Waltech Home Inspections. My son was used to seeing me work at night in the Vending Machine Business but he had not seen me as a Home Inspector. I gave him the experience to let him know that he must give his best in whatever he does. The lesson was ingrained because I have noticed a new commitment and fire in his eyes whenever I give him an assignment. My love for the Vending and Home Inspection world is growing with a striking balance. I believe that I belong to both industries.

The time when I would draw up my plans for my children would soon be here. I want them to believe in the values of hard work and do all it takes to excel. They might not go into Home Inspection or carry on with my business but they must strive to soar above any limitations. The excitement in my heart remains true to the fact that I have enjoyed every bit of my Career.