How a visit to a West Palm Beach Emergency Dentist changed my Business Forever

I remember my early days in the vending machine business with nostalgia. I was fresh from the University but I knew that I had a strong entrepreneurial pull. This led me to begin the All Vending Plus organization. Each day brought new opportunities but my turning point came when I made a routine delivery to an emergency dentist in West Palm Beach, FL. It was like any other day but fate simply smiled on me. I had almost finished my transaction with the practice when the West Palm Beach Emergency Dental Pros owner, Dr. Jason Pitman walked in. We had a brief chat and he told me that he was impressed with my service. We exchanged business cards and he told me he would get in contact with me.

A picture of Dr Jason Pitman the Owner of the Emergency Dental ProsI had met various individuals who promised to get in touch with me but they never fulfilled it. I believed that Dr. Pitman is a professional who would keep to his words. My gut feeling did not fail as I began to receive calls from other West Palm Emergency dentists. It was later that I discovered that Dr. Pitman was one of the more renowned emergency dentist West Palm Beach has and he had used his influence to help me get business from his colleagues. The most interesting part was that he did not expect any favors from me. I was so impressed by his kind heart and I instantly understood why he had built such a great practice within a short time.

I worked with Dr. Daniel Casel of the Premier dentistry of Palm beaches. He was also impressed with my service and he told me that Dr. Pitman only told him a fraction of what I could do. Dr. Casel told me that he believed that my business was going to break into other markets due to my commitment and professionalism. I did not take these words lightly because I know that by training, an emergency dentist has a way of understanding human psychology. This was beyond patronizing my business; Dr. Casel took interest in my career and asked me to always contact him if I need help in any way.

Dr. James Medlock of Dental West Palm beach was another great client. My dealings with him showed me that any business can rise to any heights when they get their acts right. Every emergency dentist that my company has served, keep telling me that they are impressed with my work ethic. I feel that it comes down to passion and love for what I do. I can list many factors that have contributed to my success but it comes down to my meeting Dr. Jason Pitman of West Palm Beach Emergency Dental Pros.

In a few years, my business would be 20 years old. I cannot imagine the number of successes that I have achieved in such a short time because I had limited my potential for success. My new mantra is to stay open and do my best; every factor necessary for me to succeed would keep falling into place.