Business Lessons from a Very Successful Home Inspector

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I will be sharing 7 essential business lessons that will help both the new and established entrepreneur. I would have loved to claim that all the ideas are mine but there is no use re-inventing the wheel when you find what works for others. I am a stickler for principles that have been proven over time. They may sound simple but as long as it works; they must not be ignored. In all this, you must be careful to find what works for you and keep using it to generate amazing results. Here are the 7 business lessons that you must know:

1. Never make money your priority: This sounds counter-intuitive but many wannabe entrepreneurs hurt their chances of success by making money their number one goal. Money is simply an offshoot or benefit that accrues to you when you render quality goods or service. The truth remains that the early days of your business may not generate a huge cash flow but your passion can help you stick through the challenging times.

2. Make money your goal: This may sound paradoxical when you compare it with the first lesson we just discussed. I must be quick to state that some individuals believe in driving their passion and forget that the bottom line of every business is to make profit. Money must not be the most important yardstick in rendering service or running your business but it must be considered a vital instrument if you will still be up and running for times to come.

3. Build a solid team: I remember when I started the All American Inspection (, I was asked by my mentor about how I intend to keep the business running for the next 5 to 10 years. I mentioned many laudable initiatives but I will never forget the stern look on his face as he told me that you cannot succeed in business without a team. With hindsight, I can also tell you that one of the most important business decisions you can make is to build a solid team.

4. Learn from the experts: In every business, there are people who should serve as a model. For home inspectors for example we have the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. They have earned their stripes and are leading your industry in every range. It does not make sense to keep running counter to what they do. Success can be yours if you learn their management style, operating philosophies and blend it into a customized format that suits your business.

5. Take stock: When you set goals for each business year, set out a time to carry out reviews and assess how you are faring. Do not make the mistake of assuming that one month of bumper profits in a year means that you are doing well. It is important to have a holistic view in order to keep things in the right stream.

6. Have fun: Most business people are over-worked and stressed. This can take the spark out of what you do and put you under pressure. Make sure you carve out time to have fun in business!

7. Be grateful: Do not take the little things that happen in your business for granted. Appreciate your customers, thank everyone that supports your vision; reach out to those who have helped you become who you are. Business is a segment of your life and gratitude can set you up for greater things.

How a visit to a West Palm Beach Emergency Dentist changed my Business Forever

I remember my early days in the vending machine business with nostalgia. I was fresh from the University but I knew that I had a strong entrepreneurial pull. This led me to begin the All Vending Plus organization. Each day brought new opportunities but my turning point came when I made a routine delivery to an emergency dentist in West Palm Beach, FL. It was like any other day but fate simply smiled on me. I had almost finished my transaction with the practice when the West Palm Beach Emergency Dental Pros owner, Dr. Jason Pitman walked in. We had a brief chat and he told me that he was impressed with my service. We exchanged business cards and he told me he would get in contact with me.

A picture of Dr Jason Pitman the Owner of the Emergency Dental ProsI had met various individuals who promised to get in touch with me but they never fulfilled it. I believed that Dr. Pitman is a professional who would keep to his words. My gut feeling did not fail as I began to receive calls from other West Palm Emergency dentists. It was later that I discovered that Dr. Pitman was one of the more renowned emergency dentist West Palm Beach has and he had used his influence to help me get business from his colleagues. The most interesting part was that he did not expect any favors from me. I was so impressed by his kind heart and I instantly understood why he had built such a great practice within a short time.

I worked with Dr. Daniel Casel of the Premier dentistry of Palm beaches. He was also impressed with my service and he told me that Dr. Pitman only told him a fraction of what I could do. Dr. Casel told me that he believed that my business was going to break into other markets due to my commitment and professionalism. I did not take these words lightly because I know that by training, an emergency dentist has a way of understanding human psychology. This was beyond patronizing my business; Dr. Casel took interest in my career and asked me to always contact him if I need help in any way.

Dr. James Medlock of Dental West Palm beach was another great client. My dealings with him showed me that any business can rise to any heights when they get their acts right. Every emergency dentist that my company has served, keep telling me that they are impressed with my work ethic. I feel that it comes down to passion and love for what I do. I can list many factors that have contributed to my success but it comes down to my meeting Dr. Jason Pitman of West Palm Beach Emergency Dental Pros.

In a few years, my business would be 20 years old. I cannot imagine the number of successes that I have achieved in such a short time because I had limited my potential for success. My new mantra is to stay open and do my best; every factor necessary for me to succeed would keep falling into place.

Great Experience With The Dumpster Rental Guys

Running a business in Long Island can be quite demanding due to the unique context of the City. There are organizations that have been doing a great job and I cannot stop appreciating a unique local Long Island dumpster rental service. I came in contact with Dumpster Rental Guys through a recommendation that I got from a friend. I was a bit hesitant about working with them due to the experience I had with other Dumpster rental companies in Long Island. However, with the benefit of hindsight, Dumpster Rental Guys have the best service and I really appreciate how they helped me when I needed their services.

A picture of our Long Island Dumpster setupThe beauty of what they do is that they have one of the best prices in the market. I am a bit picky about the companies I work with but I value companies that deliver great service at an affordable rate. When I ran my checks on other companies such as Home Town Dumpster rental, All Island Carting, Junk Raps, VGC Carting and others; I found the Dumpster Rental Guys to be the best priced service. Beyond this, I discovered that they were family owned and this gave me greater comfort. The many years of running the business with expertise have made them build a brand that can hold its own anywhere in the world.

In the light of working with this Company, they gave me a service schedule that would match my unique business context. I was thinking that I would have to pay more for some of the options they gave me but the pricing was within my budget. Interestingly, each of my encounters with them showed that they were professional in carrying out their duties. There was a timely execution every time they came to remove my waste. My interactions with them showed that their business is succeeding because they are passionate about what they do.

I fell so much in love with their service and I had to visit their website – to find out other things about them. One of the things I discovered was that the business has been run for many decades with top of the range results. I have recommended this company to everyone I know and I would not hesitate to call on them when I need a dumpster rental company. In my estimation, I feel that other businesses have to learn from them on the values that would help them retain huge customer loyalty.

In the light of my expansion project and the remodeling of my office; I would need to engage their service soon. Beyond the fact that they have proven to be competent, I am glad that they run their operations in a location that is near me. This is the perfect solution for anyone who understands the Long Island culture and wants a company that can deliver with precision. Time and again, many companies may promise a lot and not deliver when the need arises. The Dumpster Rental Guys have proven that they are a brand that can be trusted to meet the needs of their clients.

Home Inspector by Day, Vendor by Night

A picture of a home inspector and machine vendor

It has been my passion to run businesses from a tender age. I own Vending Plus and I have run it successfully for 3 years. This business was not something that came out of the blues; I wanted to do more. I realized that after my work as a Home Inspector in the day; I had so much time at night which I wanted to capitalize on. This led me to begin the Vending Machine Company. I took care of business at night while I worked in the Home inspection business during the day. Most of the people who know the various ventures I am involved with wonder how I balance my interests.

I have told everyone who wants to know what makes me tick that I simply live for the moment. When I am at work, I pour my life to Waltech Home Inspections. This has helped me because some of the greatest lessons I have learnt was on the field. The Home Inspection market opens me to many experiences that I could not have gotten anywhere. On the other hand, when I run my business at night; I give it all it takes to ensure that my clients have a good time. This focus per time on each initiative has been the secret of my success.

When the time to do my reviews for my various projects in Home Inspection comes; I simply log in to Long Island home inspection company’s offical website to send my report. In my years as a Home inspector, I have never failed to deliver a timely rendition of my activities to the Management. I believe that my job in Home Inspection can affect the decision of many individuals on whether to buy or sell a property. This single belief makes me give it my best shot so that I become part of creating an extensive chain of success.

I remember the day I took my son to the office. He saw a new brand of his Dad at work for Waltech Home Inspections. My son was used to seeing me work at night in the Vending Machine Business but he had not seen me as a Home Inspector. I gave him the experience to let him know that he must give his best in whatever he does. The lesson was ingrained because I have noticed a new commitment and fire in his eyes whenever I give him an assignment. My love for the Vending and Home Inspection world is growing with a striking balance. I believe that I belong to both industries.

The time when I would draw up my plans for my children would soon be here. I want them to believe in the values of hard work and do all it takes to excel. They might not go into Home Inspection or carry on with my business but they must strive to soar above any limitations. The excitement in my heart remains true to the fact that I have enjoyed every bit of my Career.

The Day The Electrician Saved My Business

The Day Electrician Saved My Business
It has been years since that incident happened and its memory is still fresh in my minds.The hero in this case is not a movie star but a person from real life, an electrician who saved my business from an impending disaster. The moment I remember this incident it both pleases me and instills fear in me at the same time. What if I could not get that electrician at the right time and I get filled with awe, admiration and appreciation for the professional and business saving help he rendered to me.
As you would be curious to know more details about this particular incident, let me tell you who I am and my area of business. I am the owner of All Vending Plus and we supply vending machines to the interested buyers and for that we stock our products at our company’s warehouse at Sacramento. 
On that particular day, I got a call from one of the attendants employed at our warehouse in Sacramento and I enquired from him what was the matter and the reply he gave me made me anxious and fearful. The guy told me that sparking has been reported at the warehouse and that set alarm bells ringing in my head. He told me that though things are under control but nothing can be said about how things are going to shape up in the times to come. Though I was gripped with fear I still mustered courage to deal with the scenario. We business owners cannot allow the concerns to get better of us as we are responsible for our business and have to react firmly when the situation demands. So I told the attendant to take some precautionary measures like shifting of the vending machines besides others and wait for my further instructions. Though I was overwhelmed with fear and thoughts were flashing quickly in my mind, I had to do something urgent to save my business from the danger which could spell doom for it. I desperately needed an electrician who was well versed with the functioning of electricity system at my warehouse and that could save me from a progressing nightmare. I simply called up a friend of mine who is also a business owner but his line of business is a bit different from mine and asked for an experienced, licensed electrician who has a good knowledge of the circuitry installed at my warehouse. He told me about a specific electrician whom he had hired for a similar situation in the past and who rendered great help in his time of crisis. He messaged me the electrician’s phone number whom I called up immediately. Fortunately I could connect with him and I explained to him my dilemma and the deep problem I was in. I told him to reach the warehouse location as fast as possible to whom he agreed to. Then I picked up my car and drove to the affected site. I had never drove my car at such a fast pace and I feared if I would bump my car into some other vehicle. Fortunately those anxious moments did not last long and I somehow reached the warehouse. The presence of the electrician already there delighted me a lot. He just checked with the premises looking out for the snag in the circuity installed at the warehouse and soon he detected the snag which was in the circuit breaker. As the circuit breakers here were installed 25 years back and had not been replaced since then, it had just started to begin to trip frequently whereas a newly installed circuit breaker trips only on a circuit’s overloading. He advised me to go for a new circuit breaker for which I sent an employee of mine who came back with a new one after some time. The electrician replaced it quickly and we all sighed relief. A major disaster was averted with the help of this man who has been a hero for me for all these years. I am so thankful for him and remain indebted for his professional and smooth handling of the situation and for making things all right for me and my business. Below checkout a standard circuit breaker diagnosis and repair situation.

All Vending Plus – Who we are and what we do for you

Steve Clemson has spent a lifetime on the outside looking in… but who is Steve Clemson?

He is the owner of All Vending Plus, a company dedicated to providing the best vending machines and vending machine services in and around the Sacramento, CA area. Steve was inspired to create the company after years of working outdoors. 

“While working on building renovations, I always looked forward to an icy cold drink with lunch,” he says, “but that wasn’t always possible, depending on where I was. And if I worked late, it sometimes was hard to find a nearby store that was open.”

Watching employees of businesses rush to and from shops during breaks, and his own experiences with warm soda, Steve realized that it would be very convenient for employees and clients of a business, and also the business itself, to have an in-house food-and-drink outlet. Of course, not every business has the space or the budget for a cafeteria.

“Having a vending machine at a business premises is a smart idea all around. They take up almost negligible space and can earn money 24 hours a day. Waiting times pass more quickly for clients which makes for happier clients, and you won’t have hungry, thirsty, distracted employees looking at the clock for break time to dash to the shops which makes for happier employees. Happy clients and happy employees make for a vibrant atmosphere which is good for business. In our experience, vending machines make for more productive workplaces virtually instantly. At All Vending Plus, we aim to help you create exactly that.”

All Vending Plus strives to make the vending machine a viable alternative to the diner down the street. All Vending Plus provides and maintains a wide range of the latest indoor and outdoor vending machines to cater to every budget and every palate. Hot or cold beverages, chips or healthy gourmet sandwiches, each machine can be stocked with a wide range of products and All Vending Plus gives its clients the freedom to choose to stock the ones they prefer.

Our friendly staff will travel to your premises to set your vending machine up – you won’t need to lift a finger. We schedule regular re-stocks but are happy to come down to you earlier than scheduled – simply get in touch with our operators if those extra meetings have depleted your machine. We are receptive to your needs – if at any time, you feel like changing the products sold, or the type or number of machines at your location, we will adapt immediately. All Vending Plus strives to maintain the high standard of service that we have set for ourselves and our products – on the rare occasion that you experience a problem with your vending machine, our fully-trained, helpful technicians will travel promptly to your business location to rectify it in the shortest possible time. 

All Vending Plus is committed to providing prompt, professional, courteous service to all of our clients. Please get in touch with our friendly operators to find out how we can help you boost your business by making it an All Vending Plus business.