All Vending Plus – Who we are and what we do for you

Steve Clemson has spent a lifetime on the outside looking in… but who is Steve Clemson?

He is the owner of All Vending Plus, a company dedicated to providing the best vending machines and vending machine services in and around the Sacramento, CA area. Steve was inspired to create the company after years of working outdoors. 

“While working on building renovations, I always looked forward to an icy cold drink with lunch,” he says, “but that wasn’t always possible, depending on where I was. And if I worked late, it sometimes was hard to find a nearby store that was open.”

Watching employees of businesses rush to and from shops during breaks, and his own experiences with warm soda, Steve realized that it would be very convenient for employees and clients of a business, and also the business itself, to have an in-house food-and-drink outlet. Of course, not every business has the space or the budget for a cafeteria.

“Having a vending machine at a business premises is a smart idea all around. They take up almost negligible space and can earn money 24 hours a day. Waiting times pass more quickly for clients which makes for happier clients, and you won’t have hungry, thirsty, distracted employees looking at the clock for break time to dash to the shops which makes for happier employees. Happy clients and happy employees make for a vibrant atmosphere which is good for business. In our experience, vending machines make for more productive workplaces virtually instantly. At All Vending Plus, we aim to help you create exactly that.”

All Vending Plus strives to make the vending machine a viable alternative to the diner down the street. All Vending Plus provides and maintains a wide range of the latest indoor and outdoor vending machines to cater to every budget and every palate. Hot or cold beverages, chips or healthy gourmet sandwiches, each machine can be stocked with a wide range of products and All Vending Plus gives its clients the freedom to choose to stock the ones they prefer.

Our friendly staff will travel to your premises to set your vending machine up – you won’t need to lift a finger. We schedule regular re-stocks but are happy to come down to you earlier than scheduled – simply get in touch with our operators if those extra meetings have depleted your machine. We are receptive to your needs – if at any time, you feel like changing the products sold, or the type or number of machines at your location, we will adapt immediately. All Vending Plus strives to maintain the high standard of service that we have set for ourselves and our products – on the rare occasion that you experience a problem with your vending machine, our fully-trained, helpful technicians will travel promptly to your business location to rectify it in the shortest possible time. 

All Vending Plus is committed to providing prompt, professional, courteous service to all of our clients. Please get in touch with our friendly operators to find out how we can help you boost your business by making it an All Vending Plus business.